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Mobile Bar Service

Although we don't provide alcohol, we can help you curate a unforgettable bar menu and shopping list.  We can also offer a wide range of mocktail recipes. 

Image by Maksym Kaharlytskyi

Beer and Wine Service

Want something simple? How about a beer and wine bar.

Image by Josh Olalde

Liquor Service 

Kick it up a notch with our mixed drink package which includes simple liquor mixed drinks, beer, and wine.   


Custom Cocktails

Want to create a custom bar menu? We'll help you build three drinks from the ice up.

Beer & Wine

Here are a few of our  local favourites


Rose Sangria

rose wine | peaches | pears | raspberries 

Classic Margarita

salted rim | tequila | triple sec | lime juice | on the rocks |

lime wedge


vodka | triple sec | cranberry juice | lime juice

Tom Collins

gin | lemon juice | sugar | carbonated water


brandy | trip sec | lemon | orange slice | sweetened to taste

Rooster's Call

vodka | peach liqueur | orange juice | cranberry juice |

orange slice 

Dark ’n’ Stormy

ginger beer | gold rum | lime

Whiskey Sour

bourbon | lemon juice | sugar | optional egg white

Gin Fizz

gin | lime or lemon | sugar | soda | optional egg

Farmhouse Caesar

vodka | hot sauce | salt & pepper | worcestershire |

Clamato juice | celery salt | lime | cheese & meat skewers

Bloody Mary

vodka | fresh tomato juice | spice mix | fresh lemon juice | celery


rum | mint | soda water | fresh lime juice | sugar

High Ball

whiskey | soda | lime 

Coffee Martini

vodka | freshly brewed coffee | coffee liqueur | ice


rye whiskey | sweet vermouth | two dashes of Angostura |

ice | garnished with brandied cherries

Old Fashioned Peach

sugar cube | Angostura bitters | soda | ice | oz rye | 

orange slice | peach slice | garnished with brandied cherries


Peachy Rooster
grenadine | peach juice | sprite |
ice | garnished with maraschino cherry  | peach slice

Shirley Temple
pop rock rim | grenadine | lime juice | ginger ale | 
garnished with maraschino cherry

Ocean Blue Goblet
torani blue raspberry syrup | sour mix | sprite | 
garnish with two blue gummy/marshmallow sharks

Rosemary Blueberry Smash
blueberries | rosemary | honey syrup | lemon juice
mineral water | ice | garnished with blueberries

Punches, Lemonade & Iced Teas

Fruit Punch
orange juice | pineapple juice | pink lemonade | sugar | sparkling grape juice | garnished with mixed fruit

lemon juice | lemons | sugar | water |
garnished with lemon wheel

Fizzy Pineapple Punch
pineapple juice | limeade | water | sprite | assorted fruit  | garnished with mint

Raspberry Lemonade
lemon juice | raspberries | sugar | water |
garnished with raspberries and lemon wedge

Peach Ice Tea
water | tea | sugar | peaches |
garnished with peach wedge and lemon wheel

Berry Ice Tea
water | tea | sugar |
garnished with berries and lemon wheel

Infused Waters, Bottled Water, Soda, Coffee & Tea also available

If you have a drink in mind, name it and we'll try our best to provide it!

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